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Abstract: I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on KM certification and (KM-specific) continuing ed programs as well as the establishment of an oversight board to develop generally accepted KM standards/practices (similar to the FAF/FASB/GASB) and I’d be interested in hearing folks’ opinions on …

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Northumbria University*

The Northumbria University offers the following Knowledge Management education and training opportunities:
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School of Computing, Engineering & Information Sciences - E-Knowledge Management (PgCert/Diploma/MSc) Newcastle Business School - MBA (specialist area: Knowledge Management) Below a list of posts related to the Northumbria University.

Andre Saito’s wiki on KM education at JAIST

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Social Media | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

This wiki is the place where Andre Saito from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology gathers notes and references for his PhD research on Knowledge Management education. Following Andre’s research proposal:
The aim of this study is to propose the concept of ‘competence in …


Tacit Knowledge and Pedagogy at UK Universities

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Abstract: Some observations of 20+ UK Universities offering courses in Knowledge Management suggest the area of Tacit Knowledge is being ignored or given a back seat in to the more traditional didactic and formal teachings of Knowledge Management. The paper discusses what Tacit Knowledge is …


Educating Knowledge Managers: A Competence-Based Approach

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Books, Proceedings, etc. | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: … In this work, we propose a model of individual knowledge management competence to support the education of knowledge managers … The model explains KM competence as specific combinations of presumed KM-related activities and the individual capabilities required to perform them. … The proposed …


Records Management Society’s Guide to Distance Learning Options

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Abstract: The following guide contains programme titles related to Information Content Management and links to related websites. It is categorized into three main sections: degree programmes; non-degree programmes; and free online courses. It’s scope is to serve as the first destination for those interested in …


Perspectives on education for knowledge management

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Books, Proceedings, etc. | Knowledge Management education & training worldwide

Abstract: This paper looks at the state of education in knowledge management (KM). It reports findings from a study of knowledge management courses included in the curriculum of academic disciplines of business, computing, and information. Based on a review of course descriptions selected from web …


Routes into Knowledge Management

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Abstract: “You know when something is more than a passing fad,” notes David Skyrme “academic institutions start planning courses.” Indeed, not only academic institutions, but member organisations and consultancy firms too, including David Skyrme Associates. Indeed, on 11th October this year, the City Information Group …

* Provider does no longer offer any KMedu / This is a recurring conference
** This recurring conference is discontinued