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Educating Knowledge Managers: A Competence-Based Approach

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Abstract: … In this work, we propose a model of individual knowledge management competence to support the education of knowledge managers … The model explains KM competence as specific combinations of presumed KM-related activities and the individual capabilities required to perform them. … The proposed …

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Knowledge Management Education and Training in 2012

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Abstract: The academic discipline of Knowledge Management is maturing. The maturity of knowledge management scholarship has been considered as well as its curricular coverage and alignment with the needs of business. This research suggests that a mature academic discipline is grounded on a mature academic programme. The research defines five dimensions of a mature academic discipline, including: (1) curriculum design; (2) nature and coverage of research programmes; (3) faculty credentials and status; (4) academic programme administration; and (5) programme goals. Maturity factors are identified for each of the five dimensions. In 2012, an open public survey was conducted to determine the level of maturity of academic programmes in knowledge management. The survey results suggest that while there is notable maturity in curriculum design, the remaining four dimensions — research, faculty credentials, programme administration and programme goals — are immature. The research suggests that additional focus be given to these maturity factors in terms of standards. The research further suggests that an annual survey is needed to track progress towards a mature academic discipline.

Keywords: Knowledge management education; knowledge management curricula; faculty credentials; knowledge management facets; administrative placement

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Denise A. D. Bedford: Knowledge Management Education and Training in Academic Institutions in 2012. Journal of Information & Knowledge Management, Volume: 12, Number: 04, Vol. 12, No. 4 (2013) 1350029 (16 pages)

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Teaching Knowledge Management in postgraduate LIS education at Edith Cowan University

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Abstract: The School of Computer and Information Science at ECU has made a commitment to teaching Knowledge Management (KM) and is, at present, engaged in the process of determining its place within existing postgraduate LIS and IT courses. In turn, it is engaging in debate …

An Analysis of KM Master’s Programs at LIS Schools

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Abstract: LIS embraced knowledge management (KM) during the mid 1990s, and in the context of the adoption of KM, this study explores the current state of KM education offered by LIS schools. The study conducted a survey of homepages of 600 LIS schools worldwide, followed …

Kent State Case Study in Knowledge Management Education

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Abstract: In 2001 Kent State University established a graduate level program that granted a Master of Science degree in Information Architecture and Knowledge Management. The Knowledge Management concentration was a cornerstone of that degree program. The Knowledge Management concentration has sustained and thrived over the …

S.O.S.! Knowledge Management Talent Crisis

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Abstract: Knowledge management (KM) has a tradition of enormous challenges. Virtually all of them can be traced back to its most serious problem: talent.
The intention of the KM Talent Crisis clarion call is not to indict loyal, hard-working KMers. Rather, it is to offer an …

Information and knowledge management research of post-graduates in South African LIS schools

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Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to highlight salient patterns of post-graduate research in information and knowledge management (I&KM) in LIS (Library and Information Science/Studies) schools in South Africa. The data was extracted from two SABINET (South African Bibliographic and Information Network)-hosted databases, namely …

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